You know that all dogs, large or small, need a healthy and balanced diet. However, it is important to understand that not all large or small dogs can be on the same diet. The breeds that are predisposed to degenerative diseases and that require high nutritional levels must be fed with formulas and foods that afford the same nutritional needs as the larger and small breeds.

The importance of choosing the right dog foods

A dog’s food is not just a source of energy. It is also a balanced diet that supplies the basic nutrients that your dog needs to grow. If you have a fussy dog that won’t eat the food you give him, it is important to him that you provide him with more variety. A dog that is provided with a variety of food also helps the dog to maintain a healthy weight. Overweight dogs are more susceptible to degenerative diseases. You want to maintain your dog’s weight as it is a significant factor in overall health.

It is important to choose a high quality dog food that contains all the nutrients that your dog needs. Variety is important because it promotes a healthy digestive system and promotes overall health.

Dogs need a protein source

Protein is a vital need in the diet of dogs. Generally, protein consists of twenty-three percent of an adult dog’s body weight. It is a very important source of nutrients, so you must be careful not to give your dogs less.

Carbohydrates – what are they?

similarly with protein, carbohydrates consist of twenty-four percent of an adult dog’s body weight. They are also an important source of nutrients so you must be careful not to give your dogs less.

Fats and oils – what do they do?

You dog require some fats and oils in order to sustain life. Dogs require essential fats and oils in order to process vitamins and nutrients properly. Citrus oil, for example, is very useful in saving your dog’s coat. Another useful oil is flaxseed oil.

In addition to fats and oils, a dog also requires some carbohydrates that can be found in certain forms of protein and carbohydrates. Another important source of carbohydrates is the wheat germ.

What are specific foods for dachshunds?

It is important to give your puppy food that it was specifically designed for dachshunds. In order to feed your puppy food that is designed for small dogs, you should slowly introduce small amounts of the food at a time. If you introduce it all at once, your dog may develop tummy aches or diarrhea. Small doses of dog food, at appropriate intervals, will provide your puppy with the necessary nutrients for growth and development. Before you go to buy your puppy’s food, please read the labels and make sure the ingredients you will be buying are preservative free.

Your dog requires carbohydrates in order to digest grains, to produce energy and to keep their skin and coat healthy. Although most of the dog food you will find the market contain carbohydrates, they far from all. Please note that not all dog food you will find has the same amount of carbohydrates. When buying dog food, always read the label. Please remember that carbohydrates play an important role in energy of your dog. Another important energy source your dog gets is the dog food you eat. This is why you should not feed your dog foods that have been prepared for you.

Dogs also need water. Please remember that your dog gets thirsty just like humans and it needs water. Instead of giving your dog tap water, buy a water bottle and fill it with cold water. This is a much better alternative for your dog.

In addition to the regular diet, if your dog needs some extra energy, your veterinarian may recommend some form of fitness program. This can include walking on a leash or swimming. You will be amazed by the amount of exercise that you can get from walking or taking a longer walk.

Your dog’s diet plays a crucial role in its health. Your veterinarian will always recommend a good diet for your dog. Following this advice and regularly having your dog see the veterinarian will ensure that your dog remains healthy and energetic.