There’s more to Goldendoodles than just their beautiful coats, soulful eyes and cute faces. They have other important features that make people want to choose them for their next pet.

Goldendoodles Are A Healthy Breed

Goldendoodles are known to benefit from the phenomenon of “hybrid vigor,” which is a beneficial side effect of cross-breeding. While full-bred dogs are known to suffer from a variety of disorders as a result of generations of inbreeding, Goldendoodles have a much lower incidence of these disorders thanks to the genetic diversity of Poodles and Golden Retrievers.  As a result, conditions such as hip-displasia and arthritis are less common in Goldendoodles than other dogs of similar size. Read more at Everything Doodle…

Hybrid vigor is also known as heterosis or outbreeding enhancement. It is a situation prevalent in hybrid offspring where certain biological qualities are enhanced or improved. In the case of the Goldendoodle, this can mean less risk of arthritis and longer lifespans.


These improvements are experienced over time in hybrids and affect other areas as well, such as growth rate, size, yield and fertility.

They Are Very Sociable

Goldendoodles are very social and get along well with everyone. They don’t do well in any type of guard or watchdog role and should not be used in that capacity. They can thrive in both city and country settings, but they’re not well suited to apartment living, since they do better with the space provided by a fenced yard. Goldendoodles should not live outside or in a kennel, however, since they thrive when they are in contact with the people they love. Read more at PetPav…

If you are looking for a dog that will easily blend with the family, friends and guests that come into your home, the Goldendoodle may be perfect for you. These dogs are very social and friendly, and thrive in environments where they are constantly interacting with people. On the flipside, the breed may not be ideal if you spend a lot of time away from home, unless you can make proper arrangements for petsitting.


They Are Low Maintenance

Goldendoodles are fairly easy keepers. Because Goldendoodles don’t shed profusely, they do need to be brushed regularly to remove dead and dying hair and prevent matting. A bath every few months can help keep their skin and coat in good condition, especially when they are groomed regularly between baths. It is a good idea to trim the hair that grows over their eyes. Toenails should be trimmed as in any other breed. Professional groomers are available to perform any of these tasks that owners are not comfortable doing or just don’t want to do. Read more at PetWave…


Learn more about Goldendoodles by reading the interesting articles on our website. Once you’re better acquainted with the breed, you might even feel ready to get yourself one of these wonderful dogs.